Fancy Toothpaste
The Theodent Classic formula includes Rennou, a nontoxic ingredient derived from cocoa beans. it’s safe to swallow and free of fluoride…

Dental Research
Theobromine, the Chocolate-Based Active Ingredient in Theodent™ Toothpaste, Works Better Than Fluoride to Strengthen Teeth…

Luxury Oral-Care
When celebrities are asked about their personal grooming habits, they often cite Marvis as their preferred toothpaste. But this beloved Italian brand is facing competition in the luxury….

Finally a chocolate toothpaste
A recent study presented at the 2013 annual conference of the American Dentists Association (ADA: American Dental Association) indicated that a new toothpaste, containing a natural extract of cocoa….

Chocolate Better for Your Teeth Than Fluoride
Fluoride is a toxic industrial waste product that is a poison to your body even in trace amounts, yet it is added to the majority of US water supplies using the rationale that it helps prevent dental cavities….

‘Chocolate-Based’ Toothpaste Remineralizes Enamel
A toothpaste that contains a natural chocolate extract was more capable of remineralizing exposed dentin, which could reduce dental hypersensitivity, than fluoridebased toothpastes, including Sensodyne NuPro(GlaxoSmithKline)….

International Design Packaging Award at HBA
Theodent was announced as the winners of the International Design Packaging Awards were announced at last week HBA event in New York, and it was kids’ toothpaste packaging that made it big….

Breaking news – human clinical dental trial 
Breaking human clinical trial reveals that an extract from chocolate is actually more effective than fluoride for treating dental hypersensitivity. The clear star of the clinical trial was our chocolate extract Rennou™, not fluoride….

Theodent is awarded the Reddot design winner of 2012 
Theodent was awarded the prestigious Reddot design award for packaging design quality, expressing aesthetics, innovation and precision in an exemplary manner….

Bioscience Toothpaste – Theodent is Revolutionizing Oral Care 
Chocolate-based toothpaste may sound crazy, but one local company is changing the way we handle oral care forever. Theodent uses chocolate/cocoa-based ingredients which work better at lower concentrations than fluoride….

2 Thoughts On Gold Teeth With Toothpaste 
“Theodent is the finest toothpaste in the world. I am an early adopter of Theodent and my teeth have never felt cleaner or whiter. This stuff is amazing and it tastes great too”.….

BioInnovation Company Launches Theodent Kids’ Toothpaste 
New Orleans biotechnology company Theodent™ is giving kids around the world a great new reason to smile: chocolate-flavored toothpaste. The company unveiled its new Theodent™ Kids chocolate-flavored toothpaste.….

Dr. Irineo Marvin Pantangco  
Chocolate Toothpaste, The Natural Alternative to Fluoride? If you were told you could brush your teeth with chocolate, would you do it? What if you were told that it was a natural alternative to fluoride? ..….

New toothpaste line developed in the BioInnovation Center  
A new toothpaste line developed in the BioInnovation Center in New Orleans, includes an extract of chocolate and other minerals that stimulate enamel growth and strengthen teeth, the company’s founders say…….

Skin Deep: Chew On This Revolution  
What if I told you that you could brush your teeth with chocolate and your teeth would be stronger and harder without the use of toxic fluoride? Well, dreams come true: Hello, Theodent…….

Theodent makes toothpaste that successfully substitutes for fluoride  
The ‘chocolate toothpaste” is housed in a sophisticated tube from World Wide Packaging whose angular shape and shallow depth afford a sleek yet professional appeal. The tube is a five-layer coextrusion that includes EVOH. …….

Chocolate Leads to Toothpaste Breakthrough  
Dr. Arman Sadeghpour, found that theobromine (marketed by the company under the Rennou™ name), an extract of cocoa that is very similar in structure to caffeine, outperforms fluoride in building healthier teeth…….

BioTech Firm Launches Chocolate-Based Toothpaste  
New Orleans BioTech firm will launch THEODENT Chocolate-based toothpaste. The company made over two years ago with the discovery that an extract of chocolate alternative to fluoride in fighting tooth decay. That research is now THEODENT toothpaste…….

Keeping the cavities away with fluoride-free toothpaste  
Theodent says its compound Rennou is more effective than the mineral in strengthening tooth enamel…….

Cocoa is better at rebuilding tooth enamel than fluoride   
The product stems from Sadeghpour’s doctoral research, which suggests that cocoa extract is more effective for rebuilding tooth enamel than is fluoride, and it is completely nontoxic. …….

Biotech Firm Launches Chocolate-Based Toothpaste  
Theodent made national headlines over two years ago with the discovery that an extract of chocolate was a safe alternative to fluoride in fighting tooth decay…….

New toothpaste substitutes cocoa extract for fluoride  
Theodent relies on Rennou, a proprietary blend of a cocoa extract and other minerals that work together to strengthen teeth. The extract is a white crystalline powder with a chemical makeup similar to caffeine, according to Arman Sadeghpour, PhD, Theodent president and CEO….….